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At Sober Keepers we base our practices on the belief that each person is an individual. Their addiction is individual, the underlying reason(s) for their addiction is individual and therefore their treatment must be based on their individual needs. Our experience has found that what works for one person may not be the right path for everyone. Most importantly, we believe that recovery is not a life long process. Addicts should be able to get the therapy that they need through individual and group counseling to seek out the underlying issues that are behind their addiction, work through them and come out a healthy person. A person who is FREED from their addiction, rather than tied down to it with daily sponsor check-ins and 12-Step meetings for the rest of their lives. We want our clients to go THROUGH recovery with a beginning, middle and most importantly, an end. An end of recovery is the beginning of a new, happy, successful life.

Coral: Our executive home is located on a cliffside of beautiful Laguna Beach, California with a breathtaking panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. It is open, airy and a most serene place to focus on your recovery. There is high-speed internet availability for our corporate guests to maintain their current responsibilities while working on their futures.

La Lita: This lovely home has four bedrooms with a spacious front patio and a large backyard overlooking a magnificent golf course. Located conveniently close to Saddleback Junior College, a large shopping mall center and the 5-freeway it is the perfect location for a student, the working professional or someone intending to look for new employment.

Group & Individual Therapy: Both one-on-one counseling with our Licensed Clinical Psychologist and group therapy sessions with our C.A.T.S. Certified counselor are essential aspects of recovery. Clients will learn valuable tools and techniques for a successful recovery.

Offices: Our offices are located in South Laguna Beach directly on the world renowned Pacific Coast Highway. Both the administrative offices & the counseling center have furnished balconies with a magnificent ocean view off the front office balcony.


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