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Sober Keepers Treatment Center is dedicated to helping those suffering from alcoholism or substance abuse. Sober Keepers offers 30 day, 60 day and 90 day programs along with extended care treatment as needed. Many treatment options are available, and can be individualized to fit your recovery needs. We understand the importance of confidentiality and the need for a safe and private atmosphere. Our clientele enjoy the tranquility of a comfortable LOVING HOME setting where private and semi-private living quarters are available.

Stopping active addiction is just the beginning. The recovery process is healing the mind, body and spirit. Our program covers a wide variety of therapeutic areas and techniques designed to get you back into living a happy and clean lifestyle. Aftercare is also offered by Sober Keepers. Building a foundation for your journey in recovery takes time. Aftercare treatment options can be individualized to fit your recovery needs where you can continue treatment and start to re-enter into society by going to school or seeking employment.


A dual diagnosis program means that we view substance abuse as a symptom, rather than the underlying problem. People experiment with drugs or alcohol initially because of peer pressure and partying. When they slip to addiction, however, depression, anxiety or both drive the using. As a dual-diagnosis program we emphasize on the Individual, which means that our clients attend multiple one on one meetings and do group therapy work to deal with their addiction. In addition they participate in counseling, individual and group, to work on the other diagnoses such as depression and anxiety, which are the problem underlying the addiction.


Individual therapy consists of meeting one to one with a trained psychologist or marriage and family therapist, to deal with the underlying causes of addiction, usually depression and/or anxiety. The therapists will aid the client in exploring the issues which, cause anger and/or depression. When this anger dissipates, the anxiety and depression release, thus making happiness a possibility. Therapists are trained to deal with such issues as; child abuse, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), hostile relationships, family of origin issues, and so forth.


Group therapy is an attempt to deal with the problems uncovered in individual therapy with a group of peers. Generally clients believe that they are the only one that has been abused, neglected or mistreated. When they talk about the issues with peers and trained therapists present, they are able to see and hear others who are in the “same program,” and how they are resolving issues. It allows the client to give and receive help with peers, so they know they are not alone. It helps to alleviate feelings of guilt and worthlessness.


In order for the clients to remain clean and sober, they must have a support system when they leave the facility. This does not mean necessarily family members, but significant friends or significant “others”, who will be there for support after treatment. Family therapy sessions are operated so the client can work out issues with family members or friends, learn what kinds of support will be available when they leave, and plan for issues such as housing, belonging, dependency, and so forth. Our counseling groups are ran by trained licensed professionals.


Our affiliated psychiatric team is a group of psychiatrists, physician assistants, nurse practioners and marriage and family therapists with decades of experience in behavioral medicine, pain management and addiction medicine. Our psychiatric team will do a full and comprehensive assessment carefully evaluating each client’s history and current issues. Each client's current condition as well as medication will be closely monitored, with the psychiatric team on call twenty-four hours a day.


Healing the mind, body and spirit can include spiritual counseling. If you would like some help with a question relating to a spiritual matter or some prayer for your well being, healing or recovery we have advisors available upon your request.


Vital to an individuals well being is proper exercise. Taking into consideration the status of the client’s current physical condition, a personal trainer can be provided for the client to establish an individualized exercise regimen.


Massage therapy is one of the most naturally healing things you can do. The nurturing touch is simple, instinctual, and more powerful than we can imagine. Some of the many studies on therapeutic massage show conclusively that it reduces stress, alleviates depression, reduces pain, and boosts the immune system.


Classes are offered at our physical fitness center twice a week. A committed yoga practice produces personal transformation, energy, and growth. A regular practice contributes to a fuller realization of all aspects of your own self-potential as it creates physical, mental and spiritual health and well being
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