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Sober Keepers Philosophy

Sober Keepers. The name itself says multitudes. Our goal is not simply to GET you clean and sober, it is to KEEP you clean and sober. We understand that, although it may sound comforting, you cannot walk out our doors and go through the rest of your life hand in hand with us forever. With this knowledge, we have established a plan of treatment that not only gives you the tools to achieve and maintain sobriety, but also teaches you the techniques to apply each and every one of the tools to your every day life. With these tools you experience life in a new way.

At Sober Keepers, you are our number one priority and we insist on you making yourself your number one priority also. Looking after your needs and taking care of yourself is not the selfish task that it sounds like. If you are living a healthy, happy, productive life then those around you benefit also. Familiesí flourish, work becomes more productive and relationships grow. All of these things are accomplishments that every person deserves to have in their lives.

The first step is certainly the most difficult, but keep in mind that everything that follows is easier than the step before. Sober Keepers job is to stand by your side at each step of the recovery process in order to build your confidence and help you to reach your goals in recovery and down the road, in life. We desire to provide for each client a confidential, loving, and safe environment where you can be freed from your fears and regain the strength to move forward in your life. If it is your will to live a fulfilling clean and sober life, Sober Keepers is the way.
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