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The Miracle of Recovery can be Yours…

Sober Keepers is Located in beautiful Laguna Beach, California where the comfortable weather and beautiful beaches are the reason, thousands of people choose this area to vacation every year. We, however, prefer to focus on “sobriety”, Whether you’re here because you hope for a major change in your life or because you feel this is your last chance, you have come to the right place.

Although you are certainly not on vacation, it is time for you to focus on “you” now, to spend some time meeting your needs and taking care of yourself. Sober Keepers is a place to heal from substance abuse, alcoholism, depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder and other symptoms which have taken over your life, ruined your relationships, interfered with your ability to work efficiently, created distance and turmoil with the people you love, in general caused you grief. There is HOPE. You can resolve these issues, as all these symptoms are treatable.

Our program is divided into two separate areas. First, if addictions are the issue, you will be exposed to group therapies and educational processes that deal with these core issues. Working in a group setting gives a better understanding and different perspectives of addiction. Second, you will receive a minimum of two hours of individual therapy per week, as well as twelve or more hours of clinical groups, aimed at resolving the depression and anxiety, which are the causes of addictive diseases. With both areas resolved the chances for relapse are much less.

Thankfully, in spite of all the work, there is a loving staff and a loving group of clients to help the whole process easier. To give and receive love is the key to happiness, and our program is designed to teach you how to give and receive such love. Staff members are hired first, on their ability to love and second, on their credentials and experience. At Sober Keepers, you will be treated by, loving and caring professionals. Without treating both the addictions and the depression or anxiety the odds of recovery are very poor, so you need the best help available, and that is what Sober Keepers offers. Will it be difficult? Yes. Will it be worthwhile? Absolutely. The question becomes one of life and death, as abusing substances and depression cause death quite effectively. Our goal is to eliminate those problems, and offer a new way of life.
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